We can't all work for the most interesting and exciting companies in the world, not many companies can afford massage chairs and chill out zones but there is no reason why we can't instill passion in what we do to all our employees. Every business is on a journey and your colleagues are your passengers. What are they seeing out of window? What is keeping them entertained? How much do they understand about what it is that keeps the business going, what your ambitions are and how their role can impact those ambitions? Tell them, and do this in the most engaging way you can. This is what I love about internal communications - the opportunity to bring strategy to life through storytelling, evoking some drama, bringing your characters to life. Who are your characters? Well, your colleagues, your Board, stakeholders and your products & services. If people don't get what it is you're trying to achieve then change the story - add the drama! To me, internal communications is a great opportunity of have fun in the workplace and still see the results in the bottom line.